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The Spice Girls


The Spice Girls

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being 20+ on tumblr


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My cat guarding her first and only baby


My cat guarding her first and only baby

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I didn’t even wait for all the gifs to load before I reblogged this…

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Give it up for bikini kill
Cuz Kathleen Hannah is the kinda feminist that knows what she’s talking about fuck all the feminist that say all men are monsters she Doesn’t think like that she just wasn’t equality for girls and for girls to be treated differently
You rock kathleen

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True magic is neither black, nor white - it’s both because nature is both. Loving and cruel, all at the same time.

The Craft (1996, dir. Andrew Fleming)

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Abandoned Glenn Dale Hospital - Maryland

Glenn Dale Sanatorium opened in the early 1930’s to help shelter both adult and child tuberculosis patients in the D.C. area. The grounds were equipped with playgrounds, areas for sunbathing (due to the belief that sun exposure could help cure the disease), morgues, and rooms for quarantining patients. 

The hospital operated for nearly 50 years before closing in 1982.

According to one local legend, “The Goatman”, a half-man, half-goat experiment gone wrong roams the woods surrounding the abandoned Glenn Dale at night. 

Other, more gruesome legends say that in the 60’s, doctors locked the doors and left TB patients to die in their rooms due to a massive outbreak. Another claims that in the 1970’s, Glenn Dale was converted into a mental asylum until patients began murdering hospital staff.


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